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With my paint box at home, I can make every color imaginable. Pink. As pale as a baby’s skin. Or as deep as rhubarb. Green like spring grass. Blue that shimmers like ice on water. I haven’t figured out a rainbow yet. They come so quickly and leave so soon. I never have enough time to capture them. 

"So, what do you think they’ll do to him?" I ask. Prim sound about a thousand years old when she speaks. “Whatever it takes to break you.”

Emma Watson attending the Berlin premiere of Noah, March 13th

You never get off this train.

I opened up to you and you judged me.

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.
Elsa, Anna and Kristoff Parallels


I made a thing.  Yup.  I did.  


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